How Proper Hardwood Floor Care Can Make All The Difference

Hardwood Floor CareHardwood floors represent a big investment for any household. Taking proper care of your hardwood floors takes minimal effort and will make all the difference in keeping its natural beauty intact for years ahead.

It is just a matter of knowing the proper do’s and dont’s of hardwood floor maintenance.

Basic Care For Hardwood Floors

It may come as a surprise that even fine dirt, such that you may find in an indoor plant could cause scratching if not removed properly. Gravel and dirt of course are the undoing of hardwood floors. Therefore, regular sweeping is very important to insure that you are able to collect all of those small particles from your floor. However, there are things to avoid doing even when collecting dust and dirt from your floors.

Vacuums with rollers at the bottom could cause scratching to the surface, while wet mops can ruin the finish on your floors over time. For basic floor care here are some points to adhere to.

  1. Sweep with either a dust mop or broom that has exploded tips (to reach between floorboards)
  2. Or you can use a vacuum with the best hardwood floor attachments according to Hardwood Champ.

Deeper Cleaning

Over time your hardwood floors will build up with dirt and grime that a weekly light cleaning does not take care of–and will therefore require a deep clean. The thing is, you may not always see it but you know that the dirt exists somewhere in the crevices of your floor. If you do not take action, the grime and dirt will ruin the finish on your floor over time. So, it is important to make a seasonal habit of doing a deep clean. Doing so will help you protect your investment and restore your floors to its former shine and beauty!

Marks on Floors

Wiping up spills immediately is extremely important. Leaving a spill to sit on the floor–whether water or wine–could damage the finish and possibly even the wood itself. So, taking proper and immediate action after any accident will save you a lot of grief and work! If the occasion does arise when you are faced with having to remove a stain from your hardwood floor you may either see a black or white ring. The black ring represents a more serious case that indicates that the stain may have penetrated into the finish of your floor. It is best to take proper care to prevent any such occasion from arising.

Walking on Hardwood Floors

It is important to bear in mind what condition the surface of your shoe is like before walking on your floor’s surface. Stiletto heels that are in disarray would not be well received by your hardwood floor–but rather might leave scratches–not to mention soccer cleats! As well, putting protection on the legs of your furniture will do much to prevent surface damage. Some further pointers include:

  1. Rearrange furniture occasionally in your living quarters to allow your floors to age evenly throughout. Gradually over time the sun will soften the tone of different species of wood. This action will insure even tone in your floors for years and years ahead.
  2. Lay a welcome mat at your front door–this will collect all the dirt before it is collected in the crevices of your floor

Taking care of your floors is what will keep them beautiful! It can be difficult sometimes to regularly clean floors and do occasional deep cleaning–when compared against the list of all your other demands in life! However, the rewards you can reap from taking proper care are immense! Hardwood floors that receive proper care will thrive and give back to you years and years of shine and beauty.

How to Obtain The Best Vacuum For Hard Wood Flooring

When it comes to obtaining the best rated vacuum for hardwood flooring, there are a few things that you can do.

Best Vacuum For Hardwood Floors

If you follow the 5 tips below, you’ll find that shopping for a vacuum cleaner capable of handling all you hardwood needs has never been easier. It’ll be enjoyable, easy, and best of all, it very well may turn out to be the best investment that you have ever made.

One of the goals we have here at is to help you get the most bang for your buck. So, with that being said, if you’re ready to get started then scroll down now!

  1. Brand – Our first tip is to pay close attention to the brand. When you read reviews and look at best seller lists, you’ll notice that you usually see the same few brands over and over. This is definitely for a reason.
  2. Reviews – We just mentioned reviews above but we wanted to go a little more in depth. Be sure to read reviews on each and every cleaner that you research. Also, try to read reviews from multiple sources as some reviews are paid for by the vacuum manufacturers. A good place to find nice hardwood vacuum reviews is They also have some recommendations that correspond with our own suggestions.
  3. Lists – Many sites put out lists every year of the top cleaners in a certain category from a certain year. These lists will not only keep you up to date on new releases but will also give you an idea as to how good a certain machine is. Best of all, they aren’t hard to find.
  4. Instinct – While this one may seem pretty obvious, it’s something that many people tend to overlook. We’re even guilty of going against our gut instinct from time to time but you’ll quickly find that if you trust your gut and don’t second guess, you will make the right decision easily.
  5. Price – Obviously, unless you have endless money to toss around, price is a big factor for everyone. Finding a vacuum  within your budget is very important but you also want to avoid going the cheapest route possible unless you absolutely have to. Cheaper isn’t better.

If you follow these 5 tips, you’ll end up with a great product. To recap, you want to look at the brand, reviews, lists about the hottest vacuums from a certain year, and trust your gut instinct. Finally, shop within your budget. These are all tips that anyone can take advantage of so we recommend using all of them.

They don’t require any extra effort and will go a long will towards your success in finding the best possible vacuum cleaner for cleaning hardwood floors. Even if you need a vacuum cleaner that works on multiple surfaces, these same tips can be applied to that endeavor as well. Don’t forget to also want to check out some guides on finding the best vacuum for hardwood flooring. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there, put these tips into action, and find the vacuum that’s perfect for you!

Eureka Vacuums Vs. Dyson Vacuums

When you think of purchasing a cleaner what really comes into your mind? Some would probably choose the Dyson vacuum cleaner while others may choose the Eureka. But why is this so?

Dyson vs Eureka Vacuum Cleaner

Are Eureka cleaners better than Dyson or vice versa? In this article, am going to compare the two products so that you may have to choose the best cleaner that you can reap the best from.

Dyson Vacuums

These Dyson vacuums have revolutionized the vacuum world by its unique design that has solved a number complaints by many people; that most machines tend to lose suction power as their bag fills up. Dyson has also been compared to other popular brands like Shark, and although they beat it on many fronts, there are some points where it could use a lot of improvement.


  • The Cleaner has an amazing suction power which can last for a period of time
  • The vacuum is amazing for people with allergies. This is because the cleaner’s HEPA filter sucks almost 99% of the bacteria.
  • It has a range of use. You can use it on most forms of floors including hardwood and carpet.
  • The Dyson cleaners are all bag less which makes it easy to get rid of the dust.
  • The Dyson vacuum cleaners incorporate a variety of attachments and tools which are designed for cleaning every part of your house


  • Price. The price of a Dyson is very steep compared to some of the other cleaners out there.
  • Design. Many people do not like slick design of Dyson Vacuums. However, this has been proved to be a personal issue.
  • Emptying the dust bin at many times seems to be a problem for many people. The process of emptying the dust involves several and procedural activities.

Eureka Vacuums

Eureka Vacuum Cleaners are amazing in doing away with dirt and dust from every corner of the house| Personally, I recommend this brand mainly because it offers superior features towards air filtration systems and also helps in preventing the dust dumping over the cleaned places. The cleaner has ability to generate excessive airflow approximately 40 liters/sec.


  • Eureka in itself is really a tag of reliability and safety.
  • Maximum level of suction power which gives them the ability to function effectively, cleaning perfectly.
  • The product has extremely effective blowers that can even be utilized for inflatable like bean bags.
  • The product has spray jars which are specifically made powerful and also can be used as a spray paint.
  • It is absolutely durable and handy vacuum. It can also last for relatively longer period compared to other brands.


  • In case you choose stronger motors with 1300 watts or more, the equipment could easily get too noisy.
  • Dust bag is not washable, though they can be cleaned with brushes as provided.
  • Automatic cord winder appears nuisance to some people. People have different likes and dislikes, and I was researching o this product, I noticed that some people are uncomfortable by the cord winders.
  • It is also more expensive than any other vacuums provided by some newer companies.

However, before you make a step ahead to purchase either Dyson or Eureka, you should make sure that you choose a product that will meet your demands. Remember that a hefty price tag does not automatically make it the best vacuum cleaner. Check online product reviews for more specifics before you make your decision.

Best Vacuum For Pet hair Removal

Pet Hair RemovalAs a pet lover you often deal with lots of pet hair in the house. It’s more annoying when it gets stuck on your clothes, furniture, curtains and carpet thus making your cleaning sessions long and boring.

Investing in the right type of vacuum cleaner can save you lots of time frustration leaving your house hair-free every time you do your cleaning. When looking for a pet vacuum cleaner do not fall for the cheap advertising tricks that put a pet tag on it thinking it will work just fine.

Most of those vacuum cleaners serve as general purpose and may not give you the best results.

Factors to consider when choosing a Pet hair Vacuum:

  • Make sure the Vacuum cleaner has attachments – Vacuums for picking up hair should include attachments usually in the form of a power rotating brush, a suction pump which makes it easier for you to pick hair on carpet surfaces, furniture and unreachable spots in the house.
  • Check the Capacity of the Vacuum – Another thing to look out for is the capacity of the cleaner. It’s very frustrating to keep emptying the vacuum in order to continue cleaning the house. With a good capacity the cleaning process will be easier and faster.
  • The Length of the cord – A long cord is better than a small one since you won’t have to keep plugging and unplugging the machine as you reach the further ends of the room. Some cords may be long enough to allow you to vacuum two rooms without unplugging.
  • The Length of the Hose – Sometimes you find that hair gets stuck in high places like the curtain, a long Hose comes in handy when in such a situation. Cats normally are the culprits on this one since they love jumping around and hanging on the curtains.
  • Pet Accessory Kit – The Kit involves all kinds of hand tools that ease the process of removing pet hair. The kit is attached to some parts of the vacuum for easier and effective cleaning.
  • Include a Car accessory Kit – It contains all the hand tools that are ideal for cleaning car upholstery. It gets rid of pet debris and dirt from all the unreachable places in the car.
  • Make sure the Kit has an adjustable Wand – An adjustable wand is used to penetrate areas like under the table, bed and couch. It also allows you to attach a cleaning pad giving you more options on what to clean the surface with.

By considering the above factors you will have an easier experience with removing hair and it won’t be as hard as it used to be when tackling them.

Cost is always considered a factor when purchasing any item, however if the above accessories are included in the vacuum cleaner that you want to buy go for it so long as it fits your budget.

My Top 3 Picks For The Best Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner

Old and Heavy VacuumWhen my 60 year old mother nearly dislocated her hip trying to maneuver her enormous, ancient vacuum cleaner, I knew it was time to get her the best lightweight vacuum cleaner that money could buy, aside from the standard cordless vacuum cleaners, since it would literally take ages for her to clean the entire house with one. With the sheer number of products available, I thought it smart to make a list of my top picks and I am now sharing that list with you today.

Eureka Easy Clean 166DX

The 166DX serves a dual purpose, it can be used as both an upright cleaner or it can be converted/adjusted and used as a handheld which is a great feature to have when dealing with tight spaces. The entire unit weighs only 4.4 pounds so it’s safe to say that it is in fact lightweight and it can clean floors, carpets, upholstery and stairs fairly well. Additional features include-

  • Detachable floor nozzle.
  • Crevice tool.
  • Telescopic handle.
  • 1 year limited manufacturer’s warranty.
  • 15 foot cord.

Another feature which made me consider this device for my mother was that it is easy to empty, it comes with a dust cup as opposed to bags, which only needs to be detached, emptied and rinsed out. At just under $20 I’d also like to add that the Eureka 166DX is very easy on your pocket.

Dyson DC22

At $340 the DC22, a canister vacuum, is undoubtedly expensive however, it also comes with a host of great features that cannot be ignored. For starters it works like a charm, sucking up even the most minute dust particles, which is why it is recommended for use by allergy sufferers. Furthermore it uses ‘Root Cyclone Technology’ which works to separate dust at super fast speed. This ensures that the suction power of the machine is always consistent. It also comes with the following features-

  • On board tools.
  • Durability because it is made from tough material.
  • Suction power can be adjusted (high or low).
  • Bin is easy to empty requiring only the push of a button.
  • It moves smoothly across the floor and is very quiet.

While the DC22 clearly has more function that the Eureka I mentioned earlier, at almost 16 pounds it is far heavier while still coming under the lightweight category.

Dyson DC35

This machine attracted me for two reason. Firstly, it is lightweight vacuum weighing in at a mere 7 pounds, and secondly, because it is cordless. This vacuum cleaner also charges extremely fast and once fully charged it can last up to 6 hours. The DC35 also incorporates Root Technology so it is very powerful, and it also includes-

  • A floor tool which is motorized.
  • Carbon fiber brushes.
  • Detachable wand.
  • It also comes with a docking station for easy storage and recharging.
  • Crevice tool and bag-free dust bin.
  • Rotating cleaner head (180 degrees)
  • 2 year limited manufacturer’s warranty on parts and labour.


Lightweight Vacuum CleanerHaving tested all three of these machines, I would classify the Dyson DC35 as the top lightweight vacuum machine. While it is much more expensive than the Eureka at approximately $329 (when purchased from the retailer) and a few pounds heavier, it is cheaper than the DC 22 and much lighter as well.

It has more features than the Eureka and only lacks the HEPA filtration system of the DC22 (allergen removing system). For me personally the weight, features and price of the DC35 as well as its cordless capabilities made me choose it for my mother. Ultimately you too would need to decide which features and price range appeal most to you as well as how much weight you can or can’t handle.

If money is not an issue, it might be a good idea to pick up a top rated handheld vacuum to clean certain hard-to-reach locations, while using your lightweight cleaner for everything else.