Best Vacuum For Pet hair Removal

Pet Hair RemovalAs a pet lover you often deal with lots of pet hair in the house. It’s more annoying when it gets stuck on your clothes, furniture, curtains and carpet thus making your cleaning sessions long and boring.

Investing in the right type of vacuum cleaner can save you lots of time frustration leaving your house hair-free every time you do your cleaning. When looking for a pet vacuum cleaner do not fall for the cheap advertising tricks that put a pet tag on it thinking it will work just fine.

Most of those vacuum cleaners serve as general purpose and may not give you the best results.

Factors to consider when choosing a Pet hair Vacuum:

  • Make sure the Vacuum cleaner has attachments – Vacuums for picking up hair should include attachments usually in the form of a power rotating brush, a suction pump which makes it easier for you to pick hair on carpet surfaces, furniture and unreachable spots in the house.
  • Check the Capacity of the Vacuum – Another thing to look out for is the capacity of the cleaner. It’s very frustrating to keep emptying the vacuum in order to continue cleaning the house. With a good capacity the cleaning process will be easier and faster.
  • The Length of the cord – A long cord is better than a small one since you won’t have to keep plugging and unplugging the machine as you reach the further ends of the room. Some cords may be long enough to allow you to vacuum two rooms without unplugging.
  • The Length of the Hose – Sometimes you find that hair gets stuck in high places like the curtain, a long Hose comes in handy when in such a situation. Cats normally are the culprits on this one since they love jumping around and hanging on the curtains.
  • Pet Accessory Kit – The Kit involves all kinds of hand tools that ease the process of removing pet hair. The kit is attached to some parts of the vacuum for easier and effective cleaning.
  • Include a Car accessory Kit – It contains all the hand tools that are ideal for cleaning car upholstery. It gets rid of pet debris and dirt from all the unreachable places in the car.
  • Make sure the Kit has an adjustable Wand – An adjustable wand is used to penetrate areas like under the table, bed and couch. It also allows you to attach a cleaning pad giving you more options on what to clean the surface with.

By considering the above factors you will have an easier experience with removing hair and it won’t be as hard as it used to be when tackling them.

Cost is always considered a factor when purchasing any item, however if the above accessories are included in the vacuum cleaner that you want to buy go for it so long as it fits your budget.

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