How Proper Hardwood Floor Care Can Make All The Difference

Hardwood Floor CareHardwood floors represent a big investment for any household. Taking proper care of your hardwood floors takes minimal effort and will make all the difference in keeping its natural beauty intact for years ahead.

It is just a matter of knowing the proper do’s and dont’s of hardwood floor maintenance.

Basic Care For Hardwood Floors

It may come as a surprise that even fine dirt, such that you may find in an indoor plant could cause scratching if not removed properly. Gravel and dirt of course are the undoing of hardwood floors. Therefore, regular sweeping is very important to insure that you are able to collect all of those small particles from your floor. However, there are things to avoid doing even when collecting dust and dirt from your floors.

Vacuums with rollers at the bottom could cause scratching to the surface, while wet mops can ruin the finish on your floors over time. For basic floor care here are some points to adhere to.

  1. Sweep with either a dust mop or broom that has exploded tips (to reach between floorboards)
  2. Or you can use a vacuum with the best hardwood floor attachments according to Hardwood Champ.

Deeper Cleaning

Over time your hardwood floors will build up with dirt and grime that a weekly light cleaning does not take care of–and will therefore require a deep clean. The thing is, you may not always see it but you know that the dirt exists somewhere in the crevices of your floor. If you do not take action, the grime and dirt will ruin the finish on your floor over time. So, it is important to make a seasonal habit of doing a deep clean. Doing so will help you protect your investment and restore your floors to its former shine and beauty!

Marks on Floors

Wiping up spills immediately is extremely important. Leaving a spill to sit on the floor–whether water or wine–could damage the finish and possibly even the wood itself. So, taking proper and immediate action after any accident will save you a lot of grief and work! If the occasion does arise when you are faced with having to remove a stain from your hardwood floor you may either see a black or white ring. The black ring represents a more serious case that indicates that the stain may have penetrated into the finish of your floor. It is best to take proper care to prevent any such occasion from arising.

Walking on Hardwood Floors

It is important to bear in mind what condition the surface of your shoe is like before walking on your floor’s surface. Stiletto heels that are in disarray would not be well received by your hardwood floor–but rather might leave scratches–not to mention soccer cleats! As well, putting protection on the legs of your furniture will do much to prevent surface damage. Some further pointers include:

  1. Rearrange furniture occasionally in your living quarters to allow your floors to age evenly throughout. Gradually over time the sun will soften the tone of different species of wood. This action will insure even tone in your floors for years and years ahead.
  2. Lay a welcome mat at your front door–this will collect all the dirt before it is collected in the crevices of your floor

Taking care of your floors is what will keep them beautiful! It can be difficult sometimes to regularly clean floors and do occasional deep cleaning–when compared against the list of all your other demands in life! However, the rewards you can reap from taking proper care are immense! Hardwood floors that receive proper care will thrive and give back to you years and years of shine and beauty.

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